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National Economics University

Institute for Sustainable Development

The Institute for Sustainable Development (National Economics University) commits to the development of management knowledge and capabilities through regionally recognized education and research programmes.

The Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) belongs to the National Economics University, Vietnam. ISD was formally established in January 2019 by merging Asia-Pacific Institute for Management, Institute for Population and Social Studies, and Institute for Economics and Development Studies. ISD focuses on creating and transferring knowledge in economics, public and business management, and related social sciences that support sustainable development. ISD’s approach is to align internationally proven knowledge with contextually sensitive experiences to develop modern and relevant management practices.

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News & Events

Notifications, news and events of the Institute are regularly and promptly updated

ISD International Publications (2015 – 2021) (This update: 07/06/2021)
16 November, 2021

ISD International Publications (2015 – 2021) (This update: 07/06/2021) No. Publications Index 2021 1 Le, Q.C. (2020). Efficiency of expenditures in the general education: Empirical evidence from the Vietnamese transitional economy, International Journal of Management in Education (forthcoming). Scopus 2 Do, T.N.L, Le, Q.C. (2021). Foreign aid, governance, and foreign direct investment in Vietnam: A dynamic […]

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YES, a Yearly E-PhD Seminar – YES 2020
23 October, 2020

On 23rd October in 2020, YES – a Yearly EPHD Seminar was organized by the Institute for Sustainable Development, the Academic Management Unit for EPHD program in the National Economic of University. Among many other training and extra-curricular activities, YES, the Yearly E-PhD Seminar, is a core part of the E-PhD program. The first YES […]

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NAFOSTED PROJECT 2017-2019 completed
18 September, 2020

The research project “Mechanism to transform attitudes toward environmental issues into green product purchase for the sustainable development in Vietnam” (Code: 502.02-2016.07) was conducted by a group of researchers led by Asso. Prof. Nguyen Vu Hung according to the Decision No. 116/QĐ-HĐQL-NAFOSTED from 7/2017 to 7/2019. Sponsored by National Foundation for Science and Technology Development. […]

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Since 2017, the National Economics University (NEU) has offered a prestigious PhD program in the following concentrations: Economics and Business Administration. All courses are taught in English. The program is supervised by the Institute for Sustainable Development and taught by professors who have extensive empirical research knowledge and numerous international journal publications. Successful candidates will be awarded a coveted doctoral degree from NEU.


Lecturers and Research Students

Full-time, Associates and Alumni

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Le Quang Canh
Director - Senior Lecturer

Điện thoại: 84-24-36280280 (6547)
Email: canh@neu.edu.vn

Prof.Dr Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai
Senior Lecturer

Điện thoại:
Email: mainguyen@ktpt.edu.vn

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Bach Ngoc Thang
Vice Director-Senior Lecturer

Điện thoại: 84-24-36280280 (6545)
Email: thangbn@neu.edu.vn

Pham Thi Minh Thao M.A

Điện thoại: 84-24-36280280 (6546)
Email: thaopm@neu.edu.vn

Ha Tuan Anh, M.A

Điện thoại: 84-24-36280280
Email: havietnga03@neu.edu.vn

Le Thi Thu Huong, M.A

Điện thoại: 84-24-36280280 (6551)
Email: lthuong@neu.edu.vn

Trinh Thi Thuy

Điện thoại: 84-24-36280280 (6550)
Email: trinhthithuy@neu.edu.vn



Scientific articles published in prestigious national and international scientific journals are important results of the research work. It is used to evaluate research topics as well as evaluate the scientific achievements of researchers and research groups. For a country, scientific publication is considered as one of the measures of scientific and technological development level. Therefore, scientific publications, especially international ones, need more attention and investment.

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Feedback from Partner / Researcher

The PhD program in English at the Institute of Sustainable Development, National Economics University was the ideal choice for my PhD. I highly recommend the training courses, seminars and seminars that I have been participating in so that I can become an independent researcher with potential for further development in the academic field. From a young researcher still confused, now I can do a research and write articles in the journal Scopus or ISI. Another special feature of this program is that all the teachers at the Institute of Sustainable Development are always ready to support and instruct graduate students. Staff of the office at the Institute are also very enthusiastic to help when needed. All create a learning environment that gives me a great experience.

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Phuong Dung Hoang
Department of International Business, Banking Academy

For the 6 years after the completion of my MBA, I had been on the constant quest for the right phd program, considering dozens of options from both Vietnam and abroad. My top priorities were: Support from supervisors and administrative, academic excellence, international curriculum and reasonable tuition fees. The EPHD program at NEU is young but I have heard nothing but all the wonderful feedbacks/recommendations from my colleagues and mentors. And speaking from my experience as a current student of the program, I have every reasons to believe that the EPHD program has totally lived up to its reputation and satisfied every criteria that I have: supervisors and teachers are internationally recognized, the staffs were incredibly kind and supportive, the curriculum is rigorous, and the tuition is a fraction of other programs in English. I know the road ahead is long but I’m excited and never feel alone in my journey, all thanks to the amazing people of the program.

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Nhung TranHilary

Not until I was enrolled into EPhD program was I engaged in such immersive learning and on the right track to enhance critical thinking as well as academic research competence. The supportive environment at EPhD combined with the well-structured program has step by step guided me through this challenging but rewarding journey to become an independent researcher.

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Mai Le