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Virtual E-PhD Seminar at NEU: Silent but deadly: Political corruption and voluntary ESG disclosure in the United States

National Economics University

E-PhD Program Seminar Series


Silent but deadly: Political corruption and voluntary ESG disclosure in the United States



Khanh Hoang


School of Banking and Finance
National Economics University


  Time and venue:

Date: Friday, 21 May 2021

Time: 4.30PM – 5.30PM

Venue: Room 15.01, Building A1, National Economics University


This paper investigates the impacts of political corruption and carbon risk on voluntary Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) disclosure of firms in the United States (US). As there has not been a law to enforce ESG disclosure in the US, ESG disclosure remains on a voluntary basis regardless of the growing attention from market participants and society. Using a sample of US listed firms and state-level corruption data from 2005 to 2018, the study shows that political corruption has a strong and persistent negative impact on corporate ESG disclosure and such an impact is stronger for firms with better ESG disclosure. The empirical results reveal that carbon risk plays an incremental role in the relationship between ESG disclosure and corruption. This suggests that heavy-polluter firms benefit from local corruption and less likely to voluntarily disclose their ESG performance compared to their counterparts. The findings emphasize the importance of institutional quality and carbon risk on how US firms disclose their sustainability practices. From there, the study provides some recommendations for policymaking.

 About presenter

Khanh Hoang (Vietnamese name: Hoàng Khánh) is a Lecturer at National Economics University (NEU), Hanoi, Vietnam and Lincoln University, New Zealand. He obtained his Ph.D. in Finance from Lincoln University, New Zealand in 2021.

Khanh has been actively involved in research and teaching activities. His research interests lie primarily in the field of corporate finance, climate finance, earnings management, economic uncertainty, and financial economics. His research works have been published in prestigious international academic journals, including International Review of Economics and Finance, Finance Research Letters, International Journal of Emerging Markets, Applied Economics Letters, Journal of Financial Economic Policy, Asian Review of Accounting, among others. Other than academic experience, he also has industry experience in financial consulting and investment analysis at different institutions in Vietnam.


About series

This seminar series is part of the E-PhD Program at National Economics University. It targets PhD students, early-career researchers, and senior faculty who are interested in doing research in the areas of economics, business, management, and other inter-disciplinary fields of social science. The series is a platform for the wider research community to exchange ideas, networks and collaborations.


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