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Nghiên cứu sinh Hoàng Phương Dung bảo vệ luận án tiến sĩ

Vào 16h30 ngày 28/05/2021, Trường Đại học Kinh tế Quốc dân tổ chức lễ bảo vệ luận án tiến sĩ cho NCS Hoàng Phương Dung, chuyên ngành Quản trị kinh doanh (bằng tiếng Anh), với đề tài “Factors influencing willingness to use debit cards among Vietnamese card holders: Transaction cost and rational choice perspectives”, bằng hình thức trực tuyến.
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Dissertation title: Factors influencing willingness to use debit cards among Vietnamese card holders: Transaction cost and rational choice perspectives
Specialization: Business Administration            Specialization code: 9340101
PhD candidate: Hoàng Phương Dung
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vũ Huy Thông

Original academic and theoretical contributions of the dissertation

The study in this dissertation contributes to the literature in several ways. First, it provides a new perspective in investigating determinants of cardholders’ willingness to use debit cards, in which debit card usage is treated as a transaction between the cardholder and the issuing bank. Specifically, this study expands the literature by adapting the transaction cost economics theory to test the impacts of perceived transaction costs on the willingness to use the card instead of cash for payment and the mediating roles of perceived transaction costs in the relationship between
dimensions of a debit card transaction (asset specificity, uncertainty, and frequency) and the card-or-cash decision.

Second, this study complements the limitation of the transaction cost perspective by adopting the rational choice theory to additionally examine the impact of perceived benefits on the willingness to use debit cards. Further, this study also gives insights into the “rational” effects of perceived transaction costs and benefits on the card-or-cash decision by highlighting the moderating effects of cash habit, education level, and location on such relationships.

Third, this study contributes to the literature by developing and validating the measurement properties of relevant constructs in the two theories within the context of debit card use that could also be adapted in other research contexts.

Recommendations and practical implication from the findings of the dissertation

Based on the findings, the study in this dissertation proposes seven groups of recommendations for both commercial banks and the government aiming at raising the usage rate of debit cards among the Vietnamese cardholders including policies related to:

(1) Increasing perceived benefits of debit cards;
(2) Reducing perceived adaptation costs of debit card use;
(3) Reducing asset specificity associated with debit card use;
(4) Reducing behavioral uncertainty associated with debit card use;
(5) Reducing environmental uncertainty associated with debit card use;
(6) Raising financial literacy among the public;
(7) Reducing cash habit among Vietnamese people.

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